A team of archaeologists recently proved a major Bible event to be historically true. The archeological evidence disclosed by the scientists proves a passage of the Bible to be accurate.

After conducting an excavation expedition in the City of David in Jerusalem, a team of scientists has unearthed burnt artifacts that are said to be 2600 years old. The finding has corroborated the scripture referencing to the capture and burning of the city to be true.

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists uncovered pottery, wood, grape seeds, and burnt bones – all of which were covered in a coating of ash.

As the findings included rosette seals and stamped handles, this made the archaeologists date them easily and also confirm the fact that this passage to be historically accurate.

However, the archaeologists say that it is likely only a part of the city burnt into ash and later abandoned rather than the city-wide annihilation as the Bible suggests.

He said that the rosette seals and the stamped handles are the distinguishing ends of the First Temple Period as they were used for the administrative system in the Judean dynasty.

As per the findings, the whole city seems like was not destroyed in a single event. The indications are that a part of it was razed and the others were left and abandoned.

The fall of Jerusalem is academically considered as a barbaric religious event by the Babylonians that is thought to have fallen around 587 BCE.

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